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Hi there. I'm James Ridgway — Software Engineer. I currently work as Head of Platform at The Floow Limited. I'm your typical engineering nerd, so have a look at the projects I've been tinkering on and what I've been rambling on about in my blog.

I enjoy sharing my work, ideas, projects and experiments with others, so please leave comments, or feel free to contact me directly as I'd love to hear from you.

Most Recent Posts:

Here are a few of my most recent blog posts:

Planning a migration to Spot Instances

My plan to save up to 90% on EC2 on-demand pricing by migrating my projects to spot instances which can be terminated with two-minutes notice.

15 February 2019
Immutable Servers: Building a deployment pipeline and deploying to EC2 Spot Instances

In my first Sheffield DevOps talk I discussed what I've learnt about building Immutable Servers and setting up my projects to run on EC2 Spot Instances.

08 November 2018
The Challenge: Run on AWS EC2 Spot Instances

I've set myself the challenge to migrate all of my projects to run on EC2 Spot Instances which can be terminated with 2 minutes notice.

19 October 2018

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