University of Sheffield - CompSoc (2012-13)

Compsoc1213 homepage

I first join the committee for the departmental computer science society in my second year, and continued my role through to the third year where I was still responsible for the design and maintenance of the society website.

The society’s website is a central hub of information for society members providing them with the latest information on socials, events, guest speakers and activities.

During the summer period between my second and third year the website was completely re-designed. After developing a new brand and identify for the website a new website system was launched that continued the functionality of the previous event system, and allowed us to launch several new activities.

Whilst my particular position on the committee is officially centred around the societies website and use of social media, I was also involved in the day-to-day organisation and running of the society. In 2012-13, I put forward several new initiatives including Tech Talks and Video Newsletters. Throughout my time on the committee I have also worked closely with the department to group and expand the relationship between society and department.


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